About Us

Batang Balintawak Marketplace is wholesale trading-off fresh produce guaranteed availability 24 hours and 7 days a week. Our fresh produce comes directly from the farm to maintain the quality of the products, this offers the right price that equally benefits both customers and the producer/growers. 

Our service makes it easy to meet our customers’ demands through online transactions, tracking your delivery and aftercare services. Batang Balintawak Marketplace is committed to upholding the landmark of “Balintawak” as center of agricultural trading heritage 100 plus years ago.

As a company we support our farming values by generating “sustainability advocacy in re-inventing Agrimarket” through digitalization, embracing technology and innovation.


Our commitment to customers satisfaction is of a high standard from processing to aftercare services. Batang Balintawak has served more than hundreds of companies. Since we started 2021, we processed at least thousands of online orders that were safe and secure. We delivered more than thousands of fresh, high-quality products and hundreds of high value crops tailored to customers’ demands. Our online respond time answers thousands of queries and we are connected to 50 cooperatives. Our team foundation is built in a culture and values of “doing the right thing”, communicating more, transparency, choose positivity, show gratitude, make time, no ego doer, listen more and focus on improvement.

Team Support

We believe that innovation is the only way we can progress and respond to current market needs therefore our service is made online.

Our staff is trustworthy and committed to assisting you. Our service commits a safety netting of “Ordering made easy” from the point of meet-up and after the delivery of your orders.

Our logistics and transportation are committed to high standards of product handling and packaging.

Batang Balintawak Marketplace administration staff will guide you and ensure every transaction is processed to a high standard.


Batang Balintawak Marketplace is introducing the “Bagsakan Live” online where farmers can trade their produce direct to customers. Our weekly pricing is based on equitable and sustainable distributions. Our “Sustainability Advocacy and Re-inventing Agrimarket “initiatives continue to give favours to growers/producers.

The aftermath of covid-19 pandemic gives us the opportunity to market creatively through collaboration across countryside and regions farmer’s cooperative, we use the technology as tools to produce quality resources for research and innovation.

Resources and tools are available for farmers; these are based on current research and outcomes from studies in SARA.


Integrated Bagsakan Multi Agency Collaboration is the pivotal moment for Batang Balintawak in finding the best solution in approaching comprehensive and complex issues around Agrimarket. IBM-AC is our commitment to ensure the best practices in Agri-trading is equitable and sustainable. Our “one seed one nation campaign” is an initiative for “seed bank access” where customers, farmers and traders commit a complimentary social responsibility.

Batang Balintawak Marketplace is responding to research and innovation, finding best practice solutions, and creating tools to benefit customers and farmers/growers.


Finding best practice solutions

Creating tools to benefit customers and farmers/growers.

All data, formulations and initiatives are qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed. Outcomes and findings are shared with collaborative group. If you are interested in joining and being part of our initiatives, our team is available to respond to any of your questions.


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